Anita & Sam

Yay! You’ve reached a little bit of Internet space where we, Anita & Sam, want to give you a peek into our world that we like to call Zilalila!


Let’s take a few steps into time and start from where it all begun. More than three years ago. Sam decided on a sudden morning to follow her heart to the slums of India and Nepal with adventure in her eyes.

After spending some time in Asia, Sam started to produce different kind of handmade products. Along with a group of Nepali women, she found herself in a production process that was so pure and nothing like the mass production of today. An intense happy feeling took over and made her realize that she wanted nothing more than being part of this “fair trade” way of life. A life that creates opportunities for all, like those Nepali women providing for their own income – which unfortunately is not as obvious as it sound. This was Sam’s calling! Funny, after working for years in the Dutch fashion industry she found her goal while sitting on the floor of an Asian atelier far away from home with nothing more in her suitcase than two T-shirts and a pair of trousers.

Anyway! On one of Sam’s back–and–forth travels the two of us met over coffee in Amsterdam and one thing led to another. Together we decided to lift it to a higher level and start a dream. Zilalila was born!


Followed by countless sleepover pajama parties – including even more bottles of wine – one after another brainstorm took place. “Handmade”, “wooly” and “timeless design” popped up. Creativity flew and – hurray! – the NEST was invented.

Accompanied by millions of sketches and a couple of self-made mini nests, Sam flew back to Nepal. Where after much time, even more back–and–forth travels and lots of energy the nest finally came to life. Other products followed and our bond with the Nepali women became more and more intense within the days, months and years that passed by.

WE We love Nepal NEPaL

And that brings us pretty much to this very moment. The moment where we want to take you on a virtual trip into a world that is nothing like yours. Instead! It’s a world wherein women empowerment should be encouraged, if only for the almost 500 talented Nepali women that we have the honor of working with. They are part of our Zilalila team and inspire us every single day. And why keeping this fantastic, not–in–words–to–describe, wonderful feelings to ourselves?

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xx Anita & Sam